Keeping It Real In the Digital Age

I’m changing things up today! The world of social media is constantly showing us everyone’s amazing lives. It can really make you depressed about your own!

Don’t let what everyone is showing you fool you. You’re only seeing a tiny glimpse into their lives.

They’re only sharing the planned and scripted jewels. Live your life your way and know that social media isn’t the whole picture.

Just Hanging Around

Hanging is an important movement for the development of the human shoulder girdle. Without these motions bones deform and muscles weaken. Or rather they don’t develop properly.

But since we are living organisms, we can restore a healthy shoulder girdle! It’s time to start hanging and swinging to rebuild a healthy shoulder.

Hike Two in the Five Fingers

Kristen Hiking at Raven Rocks Blumont VA

I know I’ve been talking about feet a lot recently, but it’s the time of year when I start getting out and about in the woods more often. And this time, unlike previous years, I’ve decided to take my Five Fingers with me. Normally I would wear a light hiking boot, or more recently a minimalist boot. Despite my knowledge and experience, I was impressed with the difference the Five Fingers made. Continue reading “Hike Two in the Five Fingers”

Hiking The Little Devil Stairs

I went out to the Little Devil Stairs this weekend. It’s one of my favorite hikes! I usually hike in my Lems boots, but this time I decided to try out the Five Fingers.

Despite spending lots of time in minimal shoes, your foot just works differently in the Five Fingers. I’m actually a little sore today. The hike is around 6 miles if I remember right.

The first couple miles are a combination of hill climbing, rock scrambling, and creek crossing. It’s a great place to work on your balance! You can extend the trail a few miles onto an offshoot trail, but I decided not to this time since it was my first real test in the Five Fingers.

After you get up the stairs you have a nice easy walk back to the car down the fire road. Bring some snacks and plenty of water. If you have a water filter, there’s plenty to scoop up through the stairs. After that water gets a little scarce.

If you want to try this hike, get there early so the parking lot isn’t full! Keysir Run Rd, that leads to the parking lot, is off Gid Brown Hollow Road in Washington, VA. Happy Trails!