The Universe Gives You Subtle Hints… If You Pay Attention

The Universe gives you subtle hints that you are off your path. That’s very kind of it. But the thing that’s really kind is that if you miss the subtle hints, it gives you more obvious hints. If you’re oblivious enough it may end up giving you the proverbial, or literal, car crash to tell you that you need to sort out your shit.

My Not So Subtle Hint

The past few weeks have been the getting smacked in the face with heavy objects level of hints. I’ve been waiting for the “right time” to make some major life changes. But the truth is there will never be a “right time”

And the other problem is that if I don’t address this relatively soon, I have no doubt I’m headed for the car crash level of a hint. I’d rather adjust course before long-term traumatic life events happen. I’ve had enough of those thank you.

It’s not hard to tell when something isn’t right with our lives. I’ve known for years that I needed to make a change. Something always felt wrong. But I chalked it up to just me grumbling. Small changes may have been possible then and maybe this transition would have been easier. But I didn’t take the hint.

Now it’s going to have to basically be an off into the deep end, sink-or-swim kinda change. I suppose I’m rambling a little bit here but I just wanted to say that I got into this situation because I got comfortable and told myself I’ll fix it one day.

I love this Chinese proverb:

“The perfect time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

If something is wrong, address it now. Even if that is just acknowledging that something is wrong. From that point, you can affect change. Working toward a solution is so much better than putting your life on hold so you can maintain the status quo.


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