Simple Exercises To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Your eyes are incredibly important. It’s easy to take them for granted, but as soon as they’re not doing their best it’s going to have a major impact on your life.

Keeping Your Eyes In Ship Shape

Today I share a few exercises you can use to train your eye muscles and also teach your eyes to work together. Done regularly these exercises can have a big impact on your eye health.

First up is palming. One of the best things you can do for your eyes is to let them relax. The goal of palming is to completely cover your eyes so no light gets in. Once you’ve blocked all the light just let your eyes relax.

It’s often not that easy though. Instead of thinking relax, instead try and picture pure, deep, dark black. If you have to just picture a small dot of black and try to make that spot darker and darker. Eventually, your eyes will let go really relax.

Next is eye push-ups. Start with an object at arm’s length. In the video, I use a pen. Keeping the object in focus move it as close as you can. Once you start to lose focus it’s time to push it back out. And repeat!

Let’s work on changing focus distance. Hold your object out near another object you’ve picked at a far off distance. The farther the better in this case. First focus on the object you’re holding and then switch your focus to the object at a distance. Go back and forth practicing changing your eye’s focus distance.

Then we have the clock drill. Keep your object at arm’s length and in focus. Now move the object to 12 o’clock, then back to center. Repeat this all the way around the clock.

And last, move the object in a spiral. Start with a small spiral and gradually make it bigger. Once the spiral is very large, reverse it back to small. Don’t forget to go both directions!

Some More Vision Tips

Take a break from screens whenever possible and work in well-lit areas. Some outside time is a great way to counteract screen time. Also, practice good posture. Neck tension can contribute to poor vision.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Poor sleep quality or insufficient sleep can affect your vision for the worse. When you are tired your muscles just don’t work as well. This includes your eyes.

 Practice these exercises a little bit every day. At worst they will keep your eye muscles in good health. At best you will see an improvement in vision!

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