Ben Showing How A Wrench Can Be A Self Massage Tool

My New Favorite Self-Massage Tool

I wanted a Graston tool but didn’t feel like paying the premium. I have other priorities for my money at the moment. Luckily with a little digging through my tools, I found the perfect fill-in. A basic wrench has become my new favorite self-massage tool!

The Wrench As A Self-Massage Tool

I have always had to jump through hoops to get enough pressure into my forearms and calves so my muscles would release. It’s usually a challenge when I’m massaging myself. My left lower leg has been particularly problematic. However, I recently went on a search to find a Graston tool substitute.

The thing that makes a Graston tool really handy is the beveled edge of the tool that grabs the fascia and forces it to realign. While my Husky wrench doesn’t have an ideal bevel, it’s enough to get the job done.

And even without the bevel, the thin hard profile helps me get deeper into the muscles to where the problem is. The thing to remember when using something like this is to be careful. A little pressure goes a long way since there is no give from the tool and the pressure is applied to a very small area.

Have you found an unconventional massage tool? I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with!

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