I’m Doing The Wim Hof Ten Week Course!

I’ve wanted to do this for years now. I’ve come up with reason after reason why it was a bad time. No more! I’ve finally signed up and started the Wim Hof ten week course! Today I’m sharing the first day with you. There will be more to come, but I wanted to share my whole experience right out of the gate!

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A healthy mind makes a healthy body

Dis Ease – A Healthy Mind Makes A Healthy Body

There is a connection between your mind and your body. I have learned through some very intense physical training that where the mind goes, the body will follow. The thing to remember is that a healthy mind makes a healthy body.

Here in the West, we usually think of the mind and the body as separate. In the East, that is not the case and their wellness practices show this. Western science is now starting to show that there is definitely a link between your mind and your body and our perspective is shifting. Our thoughts and emotions affect us physically.

It’s obvious from our facial expressions and our body posture how we’re feeling. Even if we’re trying to hide our emotions, there are almost always at least subtle cues. However, these shifts are just external. Our thoughts and emotions also affect us internally!

Your Thoughts And Illness

How do your thoughts and emotions relate to physical illness? Generally, we think of illnesses being caused by germs. However, there are illnesses that don’t fit this model like cancer and autoimmune diseases. In a similar, but less major way, I get “sick” a few times a year.

I’m not a generally an emotive person. I tend to internalize stress. The problem is, if I don’t deal with it, it just builds up. Eventually it has to come out somewhere and what happens is I end up with a sinus infection. I feel pretty miserable for a couple weeks and then I’m fine. Because I don’t deal with the mental crude, my body gives me a physical reaction to deal with.

No one around me catches it and no one around me was ill before I got sick. It was my body trying to purge all the mental crap and get back into balance. In fact, usually once I get over the sinus crap, I feel better than I have in a long time.

Stress is one of the leading contributors to major health problems and deaths in the developed world. There’s a lot more to illness beside germs. The word disease actually is dis-ease. It means that you’re uncomfortable and out of balance.

Lifestyle Engineer

What Is A Lifestyle Engineer?

I’ve often referred to myself as a lifestyle engineer. Recently, someone asked me what that was. I offered a short, quick answer. But I thought it would be better to give a more complete answer. It’s something that’s incredibly simple, but not at all easy in practice.

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improve focus and concentration

How To Increase Focus and Concentration

Have you ever wondered how to increase focus and concentration? Your ability to focus is actually a skill that needs to be practiced. And to make matters worse, the modern world is extremely adept at distracting us! That means if you’re not trying to improve your concentration, then your ability to concentrate is probably getting worse…

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Stretching Doesn’t Work… Or Does It?

I’ve seen post after post and article after article recently with a proclamation. The verdict is in. Stretching doesn’t work. The thing I dislike about these kinds of headlines is that they’re designed to get people’s attention and the information they provide is generally pretty narrow. The real question is, is it true that stretching doesn’t work?

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