stop doing ab exercises

Stop Doing Ab Exercises – There’s A Better Way!

When you think of six-pack abs, people generally think of things like sit-ups, crunches, Russian twists, and flutter kicks. These are all classic ab exercises. But the problem is they’re work for work’s sake. And I’ll tell you a secret… Everyone has a six-pack, it’s just your rectus abdominis

Why Should You Stop Doing Ab Exercises

The muscles in your core have a few purposes. One is movement. These muscles flex, extend, and rotate your truck.

The other purpose is to prevent movement in your truck by locking down your position. Why is this important? Because it turns your truck into a solid anchor for your limbs to pull against. Basically every movement you practice conditions your core.

As the load or complexity of a movement increases, your core has to work harder to either move through the movement or to stabilize the movement. Training complete movements will develop your core in a much more functional way than just mindlessly grinding out ab exercises.

Many natural movements do a fantastic job of conditioning the muscles in your trunk. As you get used to the basic movements just add complexity or intensity to increase the demand on your core muscles. Over time you will develop a very strong and functional core. If you’re looking for that six-pack abs look, that’s more about your diet than your workload.

Like I said earlier, everyone has a six-pack, the trick is making it visible. And that’s mostly dependent on body fat percentage. As you develop your core muscles, they will grow a little larger, but not to a major degree. If you want your six-pack to show through, then you have to lower your body fat percentage!

take control of your health

Take Control Of Your Health

Do you have control over your health or have you given your authority away? Today I want to talk about why you need to take control of your health. It’s really not your fault if you’ve lost it. You’ve been taught to give it away.

We have medical professionals we see for all of our issues. We’ve been taught that healing comes from outside you. You need to take a pill or have a procedure done to fix your issue. Sometimes this is true. Often times it isn’t. Most illnesses or injuries will heal themselves with time, rest, and healthy habits if given enough time.

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Don't Rush Your Fitness Journey

Take Your Time Getting Fit!

So you’re ready to start moving more and get into better shape. Great! It’s easy to rush in and try to do everything all at once. But there are some good reasons to take your time getting fit. Not only will you stick with it longer, but you’ll also be healthier along the journey.

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small changes to lose weight

6 Small Changes To Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a complex issue. Today I want to share 6 small changes you can use to lose weight. I want to keep things simple and low tech. Nothing fancy here. Just little things you can tweak that will make it more likely you will drop body fat and improve the health of your lifestyle.

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benjamyn smith doing a one rep max

Your One Rep Max Doesn’t Matter

I’m having fun challenging conventions, so I’m just gonna run with it! Last week it was pull-ups, this week it’s the one-rep max. It’s a staple of program design and a standard test that most everyone uses to test performance and improvement. But for most of us, it really doesn’t matter.

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Ben Avoiding A Workout

Why Do I Hate Working Out?

Have you ever wondered, “why do I hate working out”? Most people know they should get more exercise, but that usually doesn’t help them make it happen. The truth is you hate working out because it’s unnatural. Human’s haven’t need to workout to stay in shape until very recently.Continue reading