A Different Approach To Fitness

Is the typical gym experience not working for you? Have you been working out but you're still in pain or your mobility is not where you want it to be? Do you just want to feel better going about your daily life?


The current exercise model leaves a lot of gaps in the movement spectrum. There are many movements our bodies need to be healthy that are overlooked in fitness training.


I am a movement coach first. I teach you how to move correctly. And through this correct movement, you develop movement efficiency. Being stronger, healthier, and more injury resistant is a consequence of this movement efficiency.


Instead of building a body that looks like it can perform, you will build a body that can perform and therefore looks good.

Hamilton, VA Level 2 MovNat Coach

I am a movement coach and personal trainer located in Hamilton, VA. I am available for private lessons throughout the week.

I come to you. My hourly rate is $100. If this is outside your budget contact me and lets see what we can do with your budget.

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