Online Movement Coaching With Benjamyn Smith

Benjamyn Smith's Movement Coach Philosophy

I believe that fitness is a consequence of effective and efficient movement. Movement deficiency is an epidemic that can only be solved by working more movement into our lives. While gym exercises can supplement a movement practice, they are only a piece of the pie. A strong foundation in natural movement is a cornerstone for a long, healthy, and happy life.

My approach builds a strong foundation of movement patterns and builds the challenge over time. Movements are broken down into digestible pieces and then integrated into more complex patterns. Your strength and endurance increase over time not as the goal, but as a result of moving better.

My focus on moving through more complex patterns instead of just focusing on lifting weights in a controlled environment means that the skills learned through your movement practice will be better applied to more real-life situations. Practicing natural movement will help return you to your natural state as a strong, confident, and resilient human.

Would you like to be stronger, move more efficiently, and be more resilient?

Humans are meant to be expert movers. They’re mobile, fit, and adaptable. Frailty is not our normal state of being. It is a product of a movement deficient lifestyle. If you learn to move efficiently and effectively and restore your natural ability to move.

Are you bored with traditional gym workouts?

A movement centric focus is the key component missing from most fitness programs. Traditional fitness training becomes a grind because it doesn’t stimulate the mind. Movement coaching encourages the mind-body connection that traditional training overlooks.

Do you have a busy schedule?

My all online training approach allows you to workout when it’s convenient for you. Your workout is shared through TrueCoach, a training app, that also gives you easy access to reference material to help you along your way. And because you’re not confined to a scheduled time, you can workout when it best fits your schedule.

Movement Coach Pricing

The monthly price of $250 includes a personalized program, access to TrueCoach, reference videos, and feedback on your workouts. Coaching is billed through TrueCoach.

The Next Steps

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2) We’ll schedule a meeting on Zoom
3) I’ll send you a waiver and questionnaire
4) I’ll begin building your program and start billing

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