Dirty Dogs For Hip Mobility

Today I’m bringing you a dead simple exercise to help retrain your. glutes. Many of you may have seen this one before, but it tends to be considered a girl exercise.

Don’t let that chase you away! It’s really a great exercise for rehabing our chronically tight hips. This little guy works the hips through a range of motion we don’t often use otherwise.

Doing it regularly can help relieve lower back pain and improve hip mobility. It’ll also strengthen your glutes so that you can better help support your spine without garbage ergonomic chairs!

Levator Scapulae Massage to Relieve Neck Pain

Does it hurt when you turn your head or when you bring your ear toward your shoulder? The problem could be a tight levator scapulae! This is a muscle that runs from the base of your skull to the top of your shoulder blade.

It an be tricky to massage yourself without a tool, so a theracane is really helpful. Try this massage to get some relief. Do it 6-12 times a session multiple times a day for a few days!

Don’t Be Jealous Be Inspired

It’s easy to get jealous when you see something you want but don’t have. Things like “must be nice”, or “I wish” pop into our heads. But this mindset won’t help you achieve your goals!

You need to change your mindset. Instead, you should be thinking “how can I?” Take responsibility for your goals and take action. See how others have achieve what you want!