The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook I call this book the pain bible. I’ve owned a copy for over 10 years and have given away numerous copies. If you want to learn how to effectively self-massage, this is your go-to reference! Read the full review

The Craft of the Warrior – A books full of information and tools on how to edit your life and live with intention. Read the full review.

Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle – A simple book with a profound message. One of my all time favorites. Read the full review.

Becoming A Supple Leopard: Similar to the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, but this book covers techniques beyond just massage to help restore joint mobility. It also offers a lot of information about common exercises and how to properly perform them.

Natural Hormonal Enhancement: I was told about this book back in 2004. I still feel that it is the greatest diet book ever written. And by diet, I don’t mean that thing people do 4 weeks before the beach trip. I mean the way a human eats to maximize performance and health. The education on hormones in this book alone is worth the purchase price.

Alignment Matters: Katy Bowman delivers fantastic advice on skeletal alignment. This book is organized by body part and covers the whole body in detail. You can skip right to the area giving you issues or read the whole thing. There are corrective exercises and tons of info to improve your knowledge.

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: This book does a fantastic job of explaining stress responses. Stress responses can be good or bad. I wrote a short post about it. You can read it here. If you really want to understand in detail how stress affects your life, this is the book. The author also has a film documentary that’s worth checking out. It’s called Stress, Portrait of a Killer.

Nourishing Traditions: This book is not only a fantastic cookbook, but it’s an incredible education on how our food system has changed the way we eat. It’s no coincidence that as industrial agriculture has taken over more of our food system, issues like obesity and diabetes have become more prevalent. Use this book learn how to make truly nutritious meals.

Self-Care Products

Dr¬†Christopher’s Tissue and Bone Ointment – A wonderful ointment that’s great for strains, sprains, breaks, and surface abrasion. – Read the full review.


Lodge Cast Iron Hibachi – A great little grill I use often. Read the full review.

Lems Shoes Boulder BootMy current go-to minimalist boot. Read the full review.