Lems Shoes Boulder Boot Review

I’ve been wearing Lems Shoes Boulder Boots almost daily for about the past 4 years. They have become my go-to minimalist boot. They’re almost perfect! The Boulder Boot gets a ton right and I only have a few gripes.



Lems Shoes Boulder Boot Review

Overall the Boulder Boot is a great minimalist boot option. It has a generous toe box and sole that’s flexible enough to let your foot move naturally. There are two options when purchasing the Boulder Boot. One that is all leather, my preference, and leather/mesh combo.

I’ve owned two pairs of the mesh/combo and currently wear the all leather version. The latter is a little more expensive but I think it holds up better. It’s also less likely to leave your feet wet on damp mornings or when out in the rain.

My favorite thing about of the Boulder Boot is the large toe box. As much time as I’ve spent strengthening and stretching my feet, regular boots are literally unbearable for more than a couple hours. I don’t have that issue with these guys. I have plenty of room to wiggle my toes. And when combined with toe socks, I never get damp clammy feet!

The tread works well in most situations. But when things get really muddy it doesn’t perform all that great. It doesn’t bite in well and walking can become a slippery affair. And this is my biggest, and only real, problem with the boot. But I don’t think it’s a good enough reason to overlook these boots.

The boots are very comfortable and work very well even in relatively cold temps. I usually just put on a heavy wool sock and am very comfortable until I have to spend long times outside with temperatures in the lower 20’s or colder. That said, the Boulder Boot isn’t designed as a winter boot.

If you want to buy these boots on the cheap, Lems Shoes often has clearance sales. The mesh version can be had as cheap as $50, so keep your eyes peeled and pick up a couple pairs when that happens.

The Lems Shoes return policy and customer support are very good as well. My first pair was too small. But I didn’t have any issue returning the boots and ordering the correct size. Lems Shoes responded very quickly and helped me out.

While not great for sloppy conditions or truly frigid temps, the Boulder Boot gets pretty much everything else right. If you’re looking for a minimalist boot, I can’t recommend the Lems Shoes Boulder Boot enough! If you’ve tried em lemme know what you think in the comments below!