MovNat – Movement training courses and certifications as well as articles and videos. My natural movement certification.

Katy Says – Although she’s no longer posting, this is still a fantastic reference for movement and alignment information.

Mobility WOD – If you’ve heard of Kelly Starrett, this is his website. He has a lot of great info for self-care as well as training courses if you want to become more proficient.



Theracane – This is my go-to tool for self-massage. I usually have one inside my house and inside my work vehicle. It’s that useful. There are some things you can get well with just a solid ball. The things you can’t, you need this!

Knobble – This is a really simple tool that helps save your fingers. Anything you can massage with your hand you can massage with Knobble. The difference is that you won’t have to beat up your hands to apply the pressure!