Don’t Be a Bag of Bones – Support Your SPINE

Welcome back everyone! Today I’m talking about supporting your spine. We spend a lot of time sitting in furniture that does a lot of support work for us.

Unfortunately, that means the support muscles for our spine are pretty weak and out of use. It’s time to get them back into shape so we can keep a healthy alignment!

Does Spot Reduction Really Work?

Is spot reduction for real? No spot reduction isn’t real. But in the core, you can get an effect somewhat like spot reduction. When you have a weak core, you’ll have poor alignment.

Poor alignment can lead to a bulging waist and an undesirable measurement. By strengthening your core muscles you can improve your alignment and thereby reducing your waist measurement!

demonstrating poor headset

How’s Your Headset?

Head position. It’s more important than most people realize. Most people don’t pay much attention at all to their head positions. It wouldn’t really be much of a problem if we didn’t spend hours a day crowding into a computer monitor or hunched over a phone.Continue reading