Moving From The Ground Up

Alright! Today I’m just going to show some groundwork. These are all simple exercises I like to do to help open up my hips. None of them require any equipment and can be done just abut anywhere.

There’s no instruction this time. Just a few reps of each exercise!

I HATE Push-ups but I’m going to teach them anyway


The military ruined me on push-ups forever! I avoid ’em like the plague. But I see so many bad push-ups I thought a little instruction could help.

There are a few things you need to remember with push-ups.

1. A solid plank position – if you can’t hold it for 60 seconds you’re not ready for a push-up
2. Start simple – start with an easier version of the push-up until you build some strength, then scale up as you get stronger.
3. Protect your shoulders – make sure your elbows aren’t flared out or you’ll put unneeded stress on your shoulders.
4. Don’t force reps – Stop the push-up workout when your form starts to breakdown

Cooking On The Lodge Hibachi

I love cooking on this Lodge Hibachi. It’s a great little grill that’s easy to take with you. I take it car camping with me almost every time. I also use it to cook a lot of my food every Sunday to get ready for the week!