Trigger Point Self-Massage For Dental Pain

About a week and a half ago I had an unsettling Saturday night. I had dental pain, facial numbness, and burning running around my eyes and down the back of my neck. After my aunt’s death last year from a tooth abscess, my mind went down a spiral. I promptly motored off the to ER. However, at the end of my time there, I was told there was nothing wrong. In fact, they had a hard time understanding why I was even there. I had a dentist’s appointment in a few day. Maybe they could provide me with more answers.

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Eliminating All My Pain – Start At The Beginning

Last year, 2020, was the year I planned to eliminate all of my pain. You see, I’ve been in some kind of constant pain for probably 20-25 years now. Between athletics and the military, I’ve just learned to push through it. That, however, doesn’t do much to address the underlying issue. There is a time and place for pushing through pain. That time and place is not all day, every day.

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The Feral Human Podcast Episode 2

In the second episode of The Feral Human Podcast, I’m exploring the scientific method. I feel that there are two sciences today. There is the one that is used to gather evidence for theories and there is the one that is invoked almost like a deity to end arguments and shame non-believers.

I want to look at the difference between the scientific method and the religion of science. Why is this important if you want to take charge of your life? How do you find genuine research? If you want to design your life, you’re going to have to get good at sifting through information. Can you find actually research in the sea of opinions?

I’m Doing The Wim Hof Ten Week Course!

I’ve wanted to do this for years now. I’ve come up with reason after reason why it was a bad time. No more! I’ve finally signed up and started the Wim Hof ten week course! Today I’m sharing the first day with you. There will be more to come, but I wanted to share my whole experience right out of the gate!

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The Feral Human Podcast

Episode 1 Of The Feral Human Podcast

Today I’m launching The Feral Human Podcast! I’m really excited about this new adventure and I’ve been kicking it around for some time now. Today is an intro to the podcast with an exploration of human domestication and how it happens.

I would love to hear what you think about this new venture and about this episode! what do you think about human domestication and going feral?