Homemade Sunscreen – Quick DIY Skin Care Recipe

Sunscreen has become a staple of our outdoor lives. Slathering the stuff on is the regular recommendation from, well, pretty much everyone. However, the chemicals in most sunscreen is really not good for you. I prefer to not wear sunscreen and just cover up when I’ve had as much sun as my skin will handle. But sometimes that’s not always possible, or I just want a little extra time without covering up. That’s where this homemade sunscreen comes into play!

Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

1/4 Cup Sweet Almond OIl

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil

1/4 Beeswax

2 Tbsp Shea Butter

2 Tbsp Non-nano Zinc Oxide

The above video covers all the steps of making the sunscreen.

This isn’t a complex process and offers a little extra protection from the sun than nothing at all. There isn’t a way to know what the SPF of this sunscreen is since it’s homemade. Zinc oxide has an SPF rating of 15-20 and so this “should” have a rating somewhere around there. However, like I said above, regardless of sunscreen or no if you feel yourself start to burn, cover up!

This homemade sunscreen uses zinc oxide as a mineral barrier between your skin and the sun. It doesn’t rely on chemical barriers like most conventional sunscreens. Also the oils used are good for your skin help keep it moisturized. You can also add essential oils for scent or beneficial properties!

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