The Comparison Game

Our modern American landscape has been shaped by a feeling of lack. We are completely blasted not just daily, not just hourly, but practically minute-to-minute about everything we don’t have that we should have. But nowhere is this more damaging than in the area of body image.Continue reading

The Easiest Stretch I’ve Ever Done

Just last night, I was doing some stretching before bed and made a surprise discovery. I’ve recently readopted the habit for about an hour or so before bed because it helps me get a really good night’s sleep. While I was stretching I noticed that I had a lot of tension in areas I hadn’t noticed before. These areas were around my ribs.Continue reading

What’s All the Stress About Stress?

It’s pretty common knowledge these days that stress is bad for you, but really that’s not the whole story. What we commonly refer to as stress is actually distress. There’s another type of stress and that’s called eustress. It’s the opposite of distress. Eustress helps our minds and bodies adapt to our environment.Continue reading

Up the Intensity!!!

When we talk about exercise, intensity invariably becomes a discussion topic. I don’t think exercise intensity is well understood by most people. I think a large part of that, is because the word intensity is a poor word to describe what we really mean. I think difficulty or challenge would be a better option.Continue reading

What The Hell is a Calorie!?

Every time some one I know starts “dieting” all they can talk about is calories. People are obsessed with calories! I don’t think most people even know what a calorie really is. I’m not even convinced they have very much to do with food value at all!Continue reading

Playing in the Rain

It’s been raining here for almost 2 weeks! We just had our first really nice day in a while, and it was really nice! Almost 70 in the middle of January. I was so tempted to call out of work and enjoy the day it’s not even funny! Luckily I work outside a lot so I got to enjoy it some anyway.Continue reading