2017 Baselines

After yesterday’s goal declarations I thought I better put out some baselines. Without baselines, it’s a lot harder to track progress. I’ll put out monthly updates so that I can see my progress toward my goals. I don’t think I’ll be filming my 5 mile run. Sounds boring.

Here’s the starting point for my front bend. I’m about at 90 degrees. This is actually a slight improvement over a couple weeks ago because I’ve already been working on this goal quite a bit. All that truck sitting has been hell on my hamstrings! Past where this picture shows it’s basically just spine flexion. The hamstring movement has run out!



Here’s my middle split position. Not very flexible here. This one has always been a problem for me. The only time it really improved much was the year I spent in gymnastics when I was about 12. I think this is going to be the toughest goal for me to make.

The handstand right now it pretty much non-existent. I’ve lost so much overhead range of motion that I need to restore my shoulder flexibility before I can accomplish much here.

Keeping my hands on a steering wheel 5 days a week has kind of glued my shoulders in place. My arms should be able to go overhead until they line up with my ears without my rib cage moving. I have to move my rib cage a lot to get them there right now.

For my muscle up I need to work on my dip and the transition from pull up to dip. I can already do about 20 strict pull ups. Dips are far fewer, like 3 – 5. I don’t do that motion much, so that’s where my initial focus will be.

For running, I just need to start doing it again. I used to run a lot, but almost never do any more. I actually miss it and it will be nice to get it back into my routine occasionally.

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