2017 Goals Revisited

I set a few performance goals at the beginning of 2017. Now that I’m about 6 weeks into 2017, I’m thinking I set the wrong goals. Now I’m pretty sure I’m putting the cart before the horse and I need to reevaluate.

This is the best I can do pushing on my thighs. My arms are out and there’s very little pressure generated.

I have always wanted to do a strict muscle up. Not only are they cool, but they’re a practical exercise. Ever see all those scenes in Hollywood where the lead is hanging over a cliff and pulls himself up and over to safety? Probably not gonna happen, unless you can do a muscle up.

However, the fact is I have serious range of motion issues in my shoulders. These issues not only limit my strength in some positions that will make you laugh they’re so pathetic, but the constant tension in my shoulders and neck causes me almost constant pain. It seems downright stupid to focus on something like a muscle up without addressing this first.

This is as straight as I can get my arms and still push my hands together!

Actually, I think addressing this issue will make checking that muscle up box even easier. The stretching on my goal list is still valid. Stretching just makes me feel better. Actually, it relaxes me so much that sometimes when I stretch on the bedroom floor before bed, I don’t even make it into the bed before I pass out!

I have other range of motion issues, let’s be honest… don’t we all, but those don’t affect me as much on a daily basis as my shoulder issues. Having been a competitive swimmer for years, my shoulders and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye so I’ve been fighting this battle a long time. The difference is that now I actually have the tools I need to fix it. Seems silly not to.

Getting my joints operating properly seems the best way to increase my health and efficiency. And increasing my health and efficiency seems like a great way to increase my strength! So what I’m saying is, rather than giving up on my goals, I need to break them up into more effective pieces that move me toward the major goals a step at a time.

I really do know better than to not do that in the first place. Fail me. But now I’m getting on with it and fixing my screw up. I’m sure there will be many more to come, but that’s learning isn’t it!

Oh and about that running… Yeah, still working on that one.

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