I Don’t Know Is a Great Answer

It seems odd to me that so many people seem terrified to answer a question with, “I don’t know.” I don’t know could be the best answer you could ever give. It means that you’re acknowledging that you have a knowledge limitation. Answering I don’t know could spur you on to something amazing!I’ve been involved in fitness and nutrition for around 25 years now and the things I don’t know still outnumber the things I do. It’ll probably be that way till the day I die. I’m wise enough now to know that when someone asks me the question and I don’t have an answer, I’m really cheating myself if I make something up.

The person who just asked me that question did me a huge service. She highlighted a gap in my knowledge. I first started learning about kettlebells back in 2004. That little quest was started by my chiropractor at the time asking me if I’d heard of kettlebells

I had no idea what they were and at the time I was a full-time personal trainer. I spent the next 3 months learning everything I could about them. They have since become one of my favorite tools. At the time I started learning about them, almost no one knew what they were, even inside the fitness industry. I feel very fortunate to have that learning spark then.

The internet has evolved into an amazing education tool. With just a little ingenuity you can learn just about anything on the internet. I saw an article just recently about a family who built their own 3500 sq ft house by watching YouTube videos.

If the question sparks your interest, run with it! You never know where I don’t know will lead you! And never be afraid to tell someone that you don’t have the answer. How can you grow as a person if you’re not willing to admit your shortcomings?


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