The Rolfing Saga Continues

Yesterday I had my second Rolfing session and I continue to be impressed! Last time focused mostly on my neck and upper back. This time the focus was more on my feet and lower legs.

If you haven’t read my last post about Rolfing you can find it here.

Last time I experienced such a dramatic physical change that I was absolutely shocked. This time my reaction was much different. I did not experience the high on oxygen feeling that I experienced last time. I’m not really surprised about that though since I didn’t spend as much time on my neck and upper back.

Over the 10 years working my job and the hours and hours sitting in my work truck, my shoulder girdle had become so tight it was beginning to affect my breathing, so breaking all that up makes sense that my oxygenation levels improved. Assuming of course that’s what happened.

This time the alignment of my feet and legs were adjusted so much that it took me a few minutes to figure out how to walk normally again! It was a good problem to have. And the alignment shift still continues today.

Amanda, my Rolfer, did make an interesting observation about my body though. She told me that usually when people are tight and in pain nothing will move. The tissues are just seized. But in my case there was a lot of mobility in my joints and I had lots of movement available in the tissues.

So maybe there is a strong mental or energetic component to why I’m so tight. It kind of makes sense given the massive direction change I’ve started with my life. Hopefully once I get everything sorted out and back on a path more my own I can resolve some of these physical issues! In the meantime I’ll keep doing some maintenance to keep my body running along.

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