How My Sense Of Smell Has Adjusted

I try pretty hard these days to avoid products with artificial fragrances. There’s really no way at all to know what chemicals they’re made up of. And if they’re in anything I’ll be putting on my body, I’ll be absorbing them through my skin. Not really what I want.Now, I don’t delude myself into thinking that I can live a chemical free life. Especially since I basically drive a truck and turn wrenches to pay my bills right now. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to do the little things to minimize my exposure.

What I’ve noticed though is that now when I do smell artificial fragrances, it’s almost painful! They smell off and burn my nose. Some are worse than others though. Whatever they use in soap is really unpleasant.

However, the absolutely most unpleasant one is dryer sheets! Not only are they unpleasant, but they seem to hang around forever. Living in an apartment complex I get to enjoy them regularly.

It does make me wonder though. Do other people find that artificial fragrances are unpleasant? Or are they just so used to them they don’t notice? Do I notice these smell differences because I am more sensitive to them or because I avoid them?

I have a feeling it’s a combination of all of these. But I suspect that if we weren’t so bombarded with artificial flavors and smells everyone would have a different opinion of these smells.

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