Hunting For A New Laptop

With all the photo and video I’m doing these days, my current laptop just wasn’t keeping pace. So I started shopping around and quickly discovered that a new laptop was way too much money right now. So what I did was started shopping used instead.macbook pro and upgradesI found out that older model Macbook Pros are upgradeable! So I searched ebay and found a mid 2012 model for around $600. This laptop is actually a little older than my current laptop, but that one isn’t upgradeable.

Then I found new ram, a new solid state hard drive, and a new battery for about $400 total. The battery wasn’t a necessity, but what good is a laptop that has to be plugged in after and hour of use?! The ram and the solid state hard drive really make everything run faster.

While it isn’t the latest and greatest, it’s quite a bit more capable than my current laptop. And best of all, it was less than half the cost of a brand new one. Replacing the components was easy and required a minimum of tools. It only took about 30 minutes total start to finish. And now I won’t have to slog through all my editing!

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