Health Isn’t Genetics, It’s Lifestyle

Here’s the elephant in the room. The cold truth that no one want’s to accept. Aside from a very small minority, if you’re unhealthy it’s got nothing to do with your genes. There are plenty of auto-immune diseases that are “genetic” but they won’t manifest unless the right lifestyle circumstances exist.

Poor nutrition, lack of rest, too much stress. All of these things compound to cause the body to break down. Once the body breaks down enough, you end up with damage that manifests into symptoms. Sometimes this damage is reversible and sometimes the damage is so extensive that it’s not.

Let’s not just look at things like auto-immune diseases though. What about weight management. Step one is to accept that having a six-pack doesn’t make you healthy and that everyone is built different. But if you are really overweight, it’s not genes that got you there. It’s your lifestyle.

The problem with blaming your genes for your health problems is that it removes your responsibility for your own health. It’s easy to say I’m heavy because of my genetics. What’s hard is to say I’m heavy because of my life choices and I have to change them if I want to lose weight.

Until you take responsibility for your health, you won’t make the changes you desire. Pushing the blame for your circumstances onto something that’s out of your control just makes you a victim. Instead take charge and be the hero of your life!

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