Don’t Let Others Define Your Success


I’m back with some advice on how YOU should define your success! It seems self-explanatory, but you may not even realize how much you’ve let others direct your path in life.


Think about it. Did you play the sport you wanted to or the one everyone thought you should? Did you go to college even though you would have preferred a trade school? What about the job you took. Did you take it so you could make money so you could buy status symbols or is it the job you really want?

I know in my life I have let people and society influence my path a lot. In truth, I’m just now figuring out how to get away from that. This website is a big part of that process.

If you look at your life you’ll probably find a lot of ways that you’re letting people influence how you feel about your goals. An example I always liked comes from my days as a full-time trainer. I was always getting guys who wanted to get professional bodybuilder big.

But when you drilled down, not all of these guys actually wanted to get bigger muscles. At least not the way they thought they did. Many of them really wanted to get stronger more than get bigger. But so much marketing is created to create the idea that bigger is always stronger and that bodybuilding is the way to get there.

My instructor at NPTI gave me a great tool to help someone figure out whether getting bigger or getting stronger was the goal. I would ask the guy if he could be the same size and add 100 lbs to his bench press or have the same bench press and add 4 inches to his chest which would he pick.

It was surprising how many of them would pick the same size but better bench press option. Tools like this can really help you define your success. If it’s goal setting that gives you a hard time I have a great article on that.

Walk your own path and don’t let others pull you over to theirs. If your paths walk side-by-side then so be it. But don’t let anyone define your life for you!

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