Flushing Toxins Out Of Your Body

Flushing Toxins Out Of Your Body

Detoxing is a big thing right now. Should you detox? Can you even detox? The truth is you’re detoxing all the time. We have systems that are constantly working to eliminate toxins.


The biggest things you can do to keep your system from going into toxin overload is to minimize the toxins you put in and sweat regularly. Even though everyone thinks of the liver as “the” detox organ, it’s really our skin that does most of the work.

The other thing you can do is supplement with herbs and vitamins. Things like dandelion root, turmeric, vitamin C, and vitamin E can help you not feel like crap changing your diet or losing a lot of weight, which both can lead to a toxin overload.

But, just remember your system is constantly detoxing and all you can do is support it.

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