Where Have I Been?

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much recently. Or you may not. Either way, I’m gonna tell you about it. Despite the fact that I’m a movement guy, I’m not good at sitting still. And all my side projects caught up with me!

What’s the deal, Ben? Where have you been?

The cascade of events that were actually started by this blog snowballed on me. Because I started a YouTube channel, and I don’t do anything half-assed, I have somehow turned into an amateur filmmaker. That was never the plan, but it happened.

It all started with my YouTube channel, which is where I first started playing with video. Then there was this crazy idea to create some fun martial arts instructional videos with a couple other people. Thus Throat Punch Thursday was born. Actually, these are a lot of fun to do, they just take a lot of time.

Since these videos were pretty popular among friends and family, my dad, who owns a theater company, asked me to shoot some promos for his shows. He’s my dad! Of course, I did.

Then, I’m sitting at one of his shows when a family friend starts talking to me about this short film she was in. She shows me the film and it has major problems. Being a nice guy, I offered assistance if they needed it. They needed it.

This short film then consumed my life. Not really by choice mind you, but by necessity. It was way more work than I intended. What I thought was something that would take me an afternoon of work just kept getting worse. My afternoon of work has turned into a six-week project that has gobbled up time like I hadn’t planned.

Thankfully it’s almost done and I’ll be free to focus on… me and this site again! I can’t wait. It’s been on the back burner longer than I’d like.

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