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Why Are Video Games Popular – It May Not Be What You Think

Why am I talking about why video games are popular on a healthy lifestyle blog? Well, I really enjoy games. They actually do a lot for me. But why they’re so popular is what I’ve been mulling over recently.

What Does a Video Game Do For You?

Recently the game Monster Hunter World came out. And I bought it the day it came out. I’ve actually been playing it quite a bit. Maybe a contributing factor to my lack of posts and videos over the past week. Ok, you caught me. It’s the major contributing factor.

I don’t have the kind of time to dedicate to a video game that I had when I was a kid. But I do still enjoy them from time to time. And this recent one really got me thinking. It’s something I hadn’t really thought about before. Why are video games so popular?

What’s even more interesting is how the lessons from playing video games can be applied to your life to improve your life. I know… That’s just crazy talk! But hear me out first.

If you’ve ever played a video game, you know that not every game is for you. Some will hook you in and you’ll abandon some almost as soon as you start. It could be the story, the game style, the graphics, or any other number of things that just draw you in or repulse you.

All these things make up the universe of the game. You get to decide which of these universes you participate in and which ones you don’t. This is the first reason games are successful. It’s a conscious decision to participate.

The next reason video games are successful is extremely important. Every well-made game has a very clear set of rules and goals. The player very quickly learns what he can or cannot due while pursuing the game goals.

Why Are Video Games Popular?

Video games are so popular because they give the player a clear framework toward the game’s goals while also offering regular rewards for working toward those goals.

The rewards are important as they keep the player motivated to keep playing. But the silent hero is the framework the game provides. Without the framework, reaching the games’ goals would seem almost overwhelming, if you discovered them at all.

Having these clear boundaries allows the player to navigate the game universe to eventually wind up at the game’s intended destination. And this is what most of us are missing in our lives.

How You Can Improve Your Life With a Video Game

Now I’m not saying you have to play video games to learn this lesson and apply it to your life. I’ll keep playing video games because they help me relax. But I could definitely benefit from applying some of the video game framework building to my life.

Creating clear boundaries helps keep me on my path. And having clearly defined goals are essential if you’re going to stay motivated to achieve them. Transient goals by their essence unachievable. It’s also incredibly important that you have consciously chosen to work toward your goals. This keeps you invested in the results.

Ironically, what a video game has taught me is that by creating boundaries for myself that constantly push me toward my goals, I give myself the ultimate freedom to live my life my way.

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