Hip Trigger Point Release Using A Lacrosse Ball

Hip Trigger Point Release – Lacrosse Ball Exercises

I’m guessing you’ve noticed your hips don’t have the mobility they used to. I know that’s the case with me. There are a lot of things you can do. Stretching and strengthening can help. But sometimes you just need some pressure for some good ole hip trigger point release.

How To Get Your Hip Trigger Point Release

This is actually a really simple technique. I usually use a lacrosse ball, but any ball about that size will work pretty well. I also like the smaller Mobility WOD ball for this technique.

Step one is to find the point of your hip. If you feel around the side of your leg where your leg meets your pelvis. You’ll find a spot where there isn’t any muscle. If you swing your leg, you’ll feel this spot pivot.

Next, lay down on your side and place the ball under you but above the spot you just found. You can monitor how much pressure you place on the ball by propping yourself up on one elbow and the opposite foot. By placing more or less weight on these two points of support you can control how much pressure you use.

Now move around on top of the ball until you find the most painful spot and stay there until it releases. It probably won’t release completely, but every little bit counts and will compound by doing the exercise regularly.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes on each side a couple times a day and your hips will thank you. No need to be fancy! I like to do this one while watching TV. Might as well make myself useful if I’m vegetating!

Got a hip release exercise you like? Share in the comments below and let me know how this lacrosse ball exercise works for you!

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