What Do You Value The Most In Life? There’s More To This Than Money

What do you do when told you have to shave your beard by your employer? Do you shave or do you find a new job? Sounds silly right? Well not for me. I hate shaving, a lot, and seriously thought about quitting when told I had to shave my beard.

What Do You Value The Most In Life?

Obviously, this wasn’t the only factor in making me consider leaving my job. But it was enough to push me to the point I did consider it. Why is that? Because having to shave every day is something I dread. And that little thing lowers my quality of life.

Maybe you don’t feel that way. That’s fine. You don’t have to live my life! You can shave and not worry about it. But maybe your hate cold weather and would rather live somewhere hot. I love winter. Doesn’t mean you have to.

When you’re building your life, it’s important to think about what you value. Doing things that violate our values will usually end in misery eventually. These often little things can turn into the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Don’t forget what you value the most in life. These are the things you should be building your life around whenever possible! It’s something I’m working hard to do these days. I’ve often focused on the money and put my happiness second. It hasn’t worked out so perfectly.

What do you value! Share in the comments below! We have different values and it’s great to see what we use to build our lives!

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