Build A Useful Body, Not A Pretty Body

A useful body should be the goal of training. However, much of fitness advice revolves around having a body that looks good. Form should follow function. Your body should look good because it’s capable.

Be Strong To Be Useful

Being stronger generally allows you to accomplish more than someone who is weaker. However, strength has a strong neuro-muscular component that requires training.

The typical gym exercises do not do a great job of conditioning for the more complex variations that you can encounter in the real world. What the gym is great for is learning new skills in a safe, controlled environment before you go practice them outside the gym.

The weights in gyms are designed to be easy to handle so that you can lift the most weight possible. And many gym exercises isolate muscle groups to focus on developing a specific area. However, the body is an integrated system and needs to be used as such or it won’t function like a system.

Instead of breaking your body into parts to try and sculpt the ideal physique, train movements that challenge and condition your body and develop the ideal physique as a consequence!

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