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The Economy Of Buying The Best Food You Can

Big houses, fancy cars, and new toys are why we go to work right? But what about high-quality food? So often we skimp where we should be spending and spend where we should be skimping. The job of humans not that long ago was just getting food.I’m guilty of it too. You’re standing there in the grocery store looking at the food and buy the cheaper item instead of the better quality one. How much did you save? Maybe a few bucks right.

But if you’re like me you spend tons of money on your hobbies as soon as you can afford it. I’ll show you my collection of photo and video equipment some time…

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t invest in your hobbies. We do them because we love them. But I’m saying that buying good quality food is an investment in yourself. And what you save on food now may cost you later.

In our modern health system, nutrition is often an afterthought to health. The reality is, your daily diet is one of the biggest factors to whether you’re healthy or not.

I understand there are plenty of people who just don’t have the money for high-quality food. There are other options to buying it, but that’s a different topic. If you’re buying your food, buy the best you can afford.

Read labels, go to farmers markets, and avoid junk. The human body is incredibly resilient. Especially when it has all the building blocks it needs to heal and recover.

Hobbies are great! Just don’t forget to make yourself a priority too!

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