How To Train Cardio Without Running – Walk With A Load

You may not believe it, but there’s a great way to condition your cardiovascular system without going for a run. Nope, it doesn’t involve any of those fancy machines at the gym either. It’s walking with a twist.

A great way to condition your cardiovascular system is walking with a load. Just grab something with some heft and go for a walk. There are a lot of different ways you can carry it so you can get a total body workout at the same time you’re walking.

You can pick a weight that’s appropriate for your distance so short walks you can use a heavy weight and for long walks, you can use a lighter weight.

You don’t need fancy equipment to use as a weight either. I often use rocks I find. Sandbags also make great weights. Use your imagine and try different objects. They’ll challenge your body in new and different ways.

Rather than explain everything twice I explain how to do a suitcase carry, waist carry, high carry, chest carry, and a shoulder carry in the video above.

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