11-12-18 Movement Monday – Hip Mobility Sequence

Hey hey! I’m taking Movement Monday in a slightly different direction! It’s still Movement Monday, but I want to add more instruction and more focused combos. Welcome to the new Movement Monday!

Hip Mobility Sequence

This sequence can be used as a workout to improve your hip mobility but it also makes a great warm-up for a more intense lower body workout. It doesn’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere you have enough space. Enjoy!

Movement Monday Workout:
Lay on your side hip circles: 5 each direction per side
Leg across your torso: 5 each side
Prone High Knee Pulls: 10 each side
Leg Raises: 5 each side
Hand-Knee Hip circles: 5 both directions each side
Hip Kickbacks: 10 each side
Hip Hinges: 10

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