Single Leg Exercises For Hip Mobility And Stability

Hip mobility is a key factor when eliminating back pain. It’s also a major factor in maintaining the health of your hip joints! I have a few exercises for you today that not only work on your hip mobility, but also on your hip stability. They’re single leg hip exercises!

Single Leg Hip Exercise One

For the first exercise, you’re going to shift your weight over one foot and slightly elevate the other foot. Remember not to lean over when you shift your weight.

If you need something to help balance yourself while doing this, a couple of sticks of PVC pipe can help a lot. In the video, I’m using Stick Mobility sticks, but you don’t absolutely need them for this exercise.

Now that you’re in position, without moving your torso rotate your entire body around your plant foot. Rotate as far as you can to the inside, hold it for a second and then rotate as far as you can in the opposite direction.

Single Leg Hip Exercise Two

For the second exercise, you are again going to be on one foot. But this time we’re going to be working with the foot that’s in the air. When you pick your foot up this time, pick your knee up as high as you can without tucking your torso. Maintain good tall posture. Also, keep your foot flexed up.

Without moving any other part of your body bring your knee across your body to the inside as far as you can. Hold the position for a second and then bring your knee back across your body as far as you can to the outside.

If you are using sticks for balance they can make handy reference points for your knee with this exercise.

Putting The Hip Exercises Together

For the final exercise, we’re just going to combine the two together. Get into the same position you were in for exercise two and start just like you did. Bring your knee across your body the inside. Once it’s traveled as far as it can, then rotate around your plant leg as far as you can.

You’ve now moved your hips through your full range of motion while working on their stability! Pause for second at the end position and the reverse back to the start position.

Now move your knee to the outside position until you run out of room. Once you do, again rotate around your plant leg to use your maximum range of motion.

Good job! Now keep practicing until the movement is comfortable. Your hips and back will thank you!

Lemme know what you think in the comments down below!

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