Ben Smith Practicing Internal and External Hip Rotation

Internal And External Hip Rotation Exercises

A lack of hip mobility can lead to a host of problems. Some of em are back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and it can even lead to neck pain. Today I want to share some internal and external hip rotation exercises you can use to get things moving again.

For both of these exercises you’ll need a tool. Don’t freak out though. You can use something like a broom handle or a piece of PVC pipe. You don’t have to buy a high dollar item. These are laying down exercises so find a comfy spot with a little room and let’s get started!

The Hip Rotation Exercises

We’ll start with internal rotation. Lay on your back and lift one leg. Place your tool along the outside of your thigh and run it to the inside of your foot. Apply pressure against the tool at the two contact points, your outer thigh and inner foot. As you maintain that tension, move the tool across your body to the off side.

When you reach the end of the movement, hold it for a second and slowly return to the start position. Remember to start slowly and don’t overdo it.

For the external rotation exercise you’re going to reverse the position. This time place the tool across the inside of your thigh and the outside of your foot. You may need to place your extra hand on the tool just past where it meets your thigh to keep it from rolling off your foot.

Again apply pressure at the two contact points. Push into the stick with your inner thigh and the outside of your foot. Maintain that pressure and push the stick away from your body out to the side. As you do, your foot will come toward your midline. When you get to the end range, again hold it for a second and then slowly release back to the start position.

This is essentially resistence stretching so start very slow. Just do 3-6 reps each side. This type of stretching can leave you extremely sore. Take your time and do a little every day and you’ll be amazing how much more range of motion you’ll have in your hips!

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