2 Simple Tips To Improve Your Health – You Can Start Now!

Today I want to share 2 simple tips to improve your health that you can start now. Often when we start looking to better our health, the amount of information available can be overwhelming! Where do you start???

Improving Your Health Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

I like to start new habits in ways that are easy to implement and that will motivate you to continue to build more healthy habits. The more involved the process, the more likely it is to fail. So these 2 tips are pretty simple and you can start doing them right now.

Tip number 1 is to move more. Adult Americans sit on average 6.5 hours a day. For teenagers, it’s closer to 8 hours. That’s likely gone up for both since the whole quarantine thing too. Just adding a daily walk can go a long way to improving your health. If you can get out into nature to do it, that’s a double whammy.

Something as simple as adding 5 minutes of movement to every hour of the day can add a lot of movement as well. Your body needs to move to be healthy and our lack of movement is literally killing us. Don’t worry about structured workouts yet. You can add that later if you want. For now, just go move.

The next is to reduce sugar intake. Sugar is added to everything and most of what is added is really low-quality stuff. Because sugar is so ubiquitous, it’s incredibly easy to suck down tons more than you realize. Processed food is really the biggest problem here because if you’re preparing your own foods it less likely to be an issue.

Just take note of how much sugar you take in and what forms. Sugar can contribute to weight gain, and reducing sugar intake can really help to drop excess body fat. Keeping a journal for a week and writing down everything you eat and drink can help you get an idea of what you’re putting in your body. From here it’s much easier to make adjustments than just guessing.

Starting with simple habits that you can integrate into your life is a much more approachable way to move toward a healthier lifestyle than just revamping your entire life in one go. Build healthy habits over time and before you know it, you’ll be living your dream lifestyle! Start by just moving more and keeping an eye on your sugar intake!

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