ben stretching his t spine and shoulders

Thoracic Spine Mobility And Shoulder Mobility Stretch

Your shoulders and your upper back are kind of a unit. If one is tight, it will affect the other. It’s important to maintain mobility through the shoulders and t spine or it will alter the way the rest of your body works.

This simple stretch will help open your shoulders and restore mobility to your thoracic spine. You just need something to put your hands on like a chair.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while you do this stretch, but the biggest one is to make sure you don’t let your ribs tilt up as your arms go over your head. If you do you’re just hyper extending your lower back instead of opening your shoulders.

If you’re doing this as a passive stretch, make sure you hold the stretch long enough for adaptation to happen. You need to hold the stretch for at least 90 seconds. You can also apply a little pressure with your hands to the chair, or whatever you’re using, to make the stretch even more effective.

To do this as an active stretch, apply pressure to the object with your hands at the start of the stretch and maintain that tension as you hip hinge back. Keep the tension as your arms go over your head and hold the position for a couple seconds before resetting to the starting position. Do 6-12 reps for a good active stretch set!

Make your hands work like NEW!

We use our hands constantly. We use them a lot for repetitive motions and also hold them in fixed positions for long time periods. This can lead to shortened muscles and tendons that leave your hands less mobile.

Here are some simple stretches, strengthening exercises, and coordination drills to help you restore your hands to full working order!

Learn About Active Stretching

Active stretching, or PNF stretching, can really help you increase your flexibility very quickly. In this video I’ll talk about the basic concept of active stretching and demo the technique using a hamstring stretch.

PNF stretching is often done with a partner, but it can be done without a partner too! Even though I’m using a hamstring stretch to demo the technique, the principle applies to any stretch.

Simple Neck and Shoulder Stretch

I’m going to share my go to stretch for my neck and shoulders. This one is a little awkward until you get used to it, but it really helps loosen up my neck, shoulders, and back. I even find that I have a little more space in my ribs after doing it.

If you have physical neck limitations, this stretch could be a little of a problem for you. Things like herniated discs or fused vertebra may make this out of reach.

stretch your neck

Stretch of the Week: Back of the Neck

We spend a lot of time hunched over things. All this hunching tends to shorten the muscles on the back of the neck. Here’s a really simple stretch that can help lengthen everything back out.

All you need is something overhead to rest your hand on, like a door frame. With nothing more than that and a few minutes of your time you can do a lot to help restore these muscles to their natural length..

Here’s the link to the referenced blog post: How’s Your Headset