Girl on rocks at Reynisfjara

I’m Back from Iceland!

Despite my best efforts I’m back from Iceland! What an amazing country. Driving around, it’s an all-out effort to not wreck while trying to take in the scenery.This year I spent several days walking around Reykjavik showing my friend around. Last time I spent a lot of my time doing tours and seeing the sights. A lot of the places on those tours I wanted to spend a lot more time at.

hot spring at laugarvatnSo this time I decided to rent a car so I could see more on my time table, while also saving money over the tours. It ended up being a great decision! I got to spend one day playing at ├×ingvellir National Park. I made a fun video with my friend as she went looking for waterfalls. You can see it on my Instagram account. The next day I took her around the Golden Circle and we spent the night at a hostel next to a hot spring that we didn’t even know was there!

I also spent an entire day on a road trip along the southern shore. There were several amazing waterfalls, a downed plane, which we missed, and Reynisfjara. Reynisfjara is Iceland’s most famous black sand beach. The image at the top was taken there. This beach can be kind of dangerous. We were there at low tide so the water was pretty far away, which let us play in some places you can’t always play.

We made some friends with a group of celebrating locals the last night in town. They were awesome! They took us bar hopping, taught us about Iceland and it’s history, and helped me learn a little more Icelandic.

I left last time feeling like I’d barely seen the country. Now after renting a car and driving around for several days, I feel like I saw even less than last time! If you haven’t been yet, you really should do yourself a favor and go. This was my second trip and I guarantee it’s far from my last!

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