August 2017 30 Day Challenge

I’ve decided to take my own advice. I created my own 30-Day Challenge for August! I’ve talked about before how much I rock climb. It’s pretty much been my only type of workout for a couple years now. Buuuuuuut it’s caused some muscle imbalance issues.

My back has become ridiculously strong in comparison to pretty much everything else. I’m starting to have lower back and neck pain because my lats are overpowering the rest of my upper body. So fixing this imbalance is the subject of my first 30-day challenge! If you haven’t watched my video on creating your own 30-day challenge you may want to watch it first.

The Plan

To help balance everything out, I’m focusing on stretching my lats with static hanging and lots of chest and shoulder push work. I’ve included some lateral rowing movements too since rock climbing is mostly vertical pulling movements. I also added some neck work to help retrain all those muscles.

It’s only been a couple weeks and it’s already making a huge difference. Should be no surprise, Ben… You know better than to get into this situation in the first place but we all get lazy sometimes.

Even though I love, love, love rock climbing, I’m going to have to make sure I add supplemental exercises, or preferably movements, from now on. Otherwise, I’ll just keep ending up back in this situation.

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