Why Should You Chew Your Food?

Most of us don’t think too much about chewing our food, but it’s actually pretty important. There are several good reasons to chew your food well past the point you can just swallow it.

Some Good Reasons Why You Should Chew Your Food

1. You digestion works much more efficiently the more your food is chewed. If you swallow big chunks of food, it’s going to take a long time to leave you stomach and you’re going to limit the amount of nutrition you can get from it.

2. Feeling full takes time. Up to 20 minutes even. If you eat too fast you’ll eat well past the point you’re full. Eating slower helps better regulate your appetite.

3. Movement and use of your jaw muscles are essential to their health. Teeth, bones, and muscles require stimulation to remain useful. Sucking down smoothies all day deprives them of this stimulation.

4. Don’t forget to give yourself time for you. Eating is one of the best excuses there is. Take time to enjoy your meal and chewing more gives you plenty of time to do that!

Next time you’re sitting down to a meal don’t just chomp, chomp until your food is mashed up enough to choke it down. Chew until it’s as chewed as you can get it.

You’ll make better use of the food you do eat. You may eat less than you usually do. And you may find that you enjoy meal time even more.

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