30 Day Challenge – September 2017

It’s already September! The summer is almost gone. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Last month I chose to focus on improving my shoulder range of motion. Honestly, I wasn’t super consistent, but now I’ve managed to make it part of my day and things are going well!

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Since it’s a new month, it’s time to pick something new. I’ve talked before about my coffee struggles in Caffeine Doesn’t Always Love Me. Well… I’ve been drinking coffee regularly again.

The same old issues show up any time I drink coffee regularly. It starts off ok if only just a little jittery. But after a few days in a row, I end up pretty lethargic and irritable. I do love the taste of coffee though. Luckily there is some decent decaf I can enjoy on the regular.

September 2017’s Challenge

So, onto the challenge this month. I’m allowing myself no more than one cup of regular coffee a week. I know some of your are ready to faint at the level of torture I’m about to subject myself too! But the truth is I’ve already been going a few days and I already feel a lot better than I have in a while.

One of the major problems I have with coffee relates directly to rock climbing actually. Caffeine may be a great boost for the gym goers about to throw around some weights on a barbell. But for a guy like me about to balance all my body weight on the tips of two toes and only a part of the pads on five fingers, a little jitter goes a long way.

I’ve learned over the years that if I have a cup of coffee before climbing, I climb everything much more haphazardly and have a way harder time holding onto the really tiny holds. When I’m all amped up on caffeine I also have a habit holding on too hard. So this digression from caffeine should help my climbing too!

30-day challenge on!

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