A Simple Standing Hip Extension Exercise – No Equipment Needed

This is a simple standing hip extension exercise to work out your glutes and hamstrings that doesn’t require any equipment beyond something to put your hands on for balance.

The Standing Hip Extension Exercise

This is a really simple exercise. I recommend when you’re starting out, you have something like a chair or table to put your hands on for balance. The stronger you get, the less you’ll need the support.

Start by bending over, placing your hands on your support. When you do this it’s important to keep a neutral spine. Make sure you don’t round or arch your back. This will be easier if you keep your abs tight enough to support your spine.

Next slowly kick your leg straight back and up toward the ceiling. Remember to keep your pelvis from tilting forward or backward. Only go as high as you can without this happening. Also, keep your pelvis from rolling left or right. Both of these will compromise what we’re trying to work here.

Hold the movement at the highest point for a couple seconds and then slowly lower your leg back down to the start point. This is a pretty moderate exercise so you can do for several reps several times a day.

If You Can’t Do The Standing Hip Extension Exercise

There is an easier version of this exercise that involves getting on all fours. In this version you don’t swing your leg up, you kick it straight down. Because your leg is bent, the movement will require less effort. Everything else is exactly the same as the standing version.

Once you’re comfortable with this version graduate yourself up to the standing version!


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