I HATE Push-ups but I’m going to teach them anyway


The military ruined me on push-ups forever! I avoid ’em like the plague. But I see so many bad push-ups I thought a little instruction could help.

There are a few things you need to remember with push-ups.

1. A solid plank position – if you can’t hold it for 60 seconds you’re not ready for a push-up
2. Start simple – start with an easier version of the push-up until you build some strength, then scale up as you get stronger.
3. Protect your shoulders – make sure your elbows aren’t flared out or you’ll put unneeded stress on your shoulders.
4. Don’t force reps – Stop the push-up workout when your form starts to breakdown

me doing a glute bridge

Get Your Glutes Back Into Working Order

Our glutes aren’t what they used to be. These are the largest, most powerful muscles in the whole human body and most of us barely use them.

It’s not really our fault though. All the sitting and driving have made them weak and stupid. Here’s a really simple glute exercise with several variations to help get them back into prime form!

Use Your Words

I was listening to a podcast today and the topic was breast feeding. The guest kept bringing up how science keeps talking about the benefits of breast feeding and that the wording was incorrect. She pointed out there are no benefits to breast feeding. Breast feeding is the norm. The other options are substandard and should be measured against breast feeding. This made me think about moving and exercise in the same way.Continue reading