Finding My Own Happiness – How I Edit My Life

Happiness always feels like some far away dream. If I could just live here, or if I could just have this, or if I could just do this I’d be happy. For me, finding my own happiness has been challenging. But here are are some tips I’ve found that help me edit my life and build a life I want to live.

Finding My Own Happiness

hanging in a treeWhy do I call it finding my own happiness? Because everyone will have a different idea of happiness. For some people, it will be a big house, or a fancy car, a family, or maybe lots of travel. Since it’s a personal preference, there’s no way I can tell you what you need to be happy. What I can tell you is how I try to focus my life so I work toward the things that make me happy.

Here are my four tips that I use, more and more these days, to help steer my life in the direction I want.

Happiness tip 1:
You have to set goals. Without goals, you have no direction and you will just drift where life steers you. This may work sometimes, but you won’t really have any control over it.

Happiness tip 2:
Learn to say “no”. There are only so many hours in the day. In order to do some things, you can’t do other things. It’s important to focus as much of your effort as possible toward your goals. Sometimes this may be impossible, but exercise “no” whenever you can.

Happiness tip 3:
Figure out how to stop doing things you hate. This goes along with saying no and having goals. Modern life tends to have a track laid out and it’s actually pretty challenging to get off it once you’ve started down the path. But it can be done. Have goals and a plan and find a way out of the things you hate doing. There is another way you just have to work for it.

Happiness Tip 4:
Make yourself a priority. It’s great to care for others and to help the people you care about. But don’t forget to water your own grass too. At the end of the day, the one whose stuff you’ll ultimately be responsible for is your own. Set aside a little time every day that’s your time. Do something you enjoy. Remember, life should be worth living!


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