How Can I Strengthen My Ankles? – Building Ankle Muscles

How can I strengthen my ankles? That’s a fair question. A lot of ankle problems come from a lack of flexibility and mobility. Luckily I’ve just made a short video that shows a simple exercise you can do to help!

To do this exercise you do need some resistance bands. The link before is for the ones I use in the video. They have three different resistance levels so you can tailor the challenge to your fitness needs.

Building Ankle Muscles

All you need to do this exercise is a resistance band and something to anchor it to. After you have that covered, loop the band around your anchor point and then over the top of your foot. If you use the ones I have, you’ll have to knot the band together to make a loop.

Once the band is over your foot, make a loop so that end of the band is circled all the way around your foot. This will help keep the band from slipping off while you’re doing the exercise.

Now that the band is secured you’re ready to go! Just practice moving your ankle in slow circles. Make sure to change your position so that the band tension comes from different angles.

There you go! An ankle exercise you can do anywhere!

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