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Upper Back Mobility Exercises – Shoulder Stability and Scapular Mobility

Looking for upper back mobility exercises? How about more shoulder stability? Having scapular mobility issues?  That’s why I put together this simple workout. Since I focus on workouts everyone can do, I designed it to use minimal equipment and I kept the intensity low so you can do it every day!

Upper Back Mobility Exercises – The Workout

This workout focuses on releasing your scapula, or shoulder blades. A lack of scapular mobility can lead to a host of shoulder and upper back issues. The workout focuses on improving scapular mobility by using corrective isolation exercises.

All of the exercises are based on body weight. I explain each exercise, the program to execute the workout, and how to make the exercises more challenging as you get stronger.

When done regularly, this workout can improve shoulder stability, scapular, and upper back mobility, and also improve posture. Many muscles attach to our shoulder blades. If these muscles become stuck, they can greatly influence our entire torso’s ability to move well.

In this workout, I included one active stretch and 5 separate exercises to build strength in the shoulder support muscles and to also get your shoulder blades sliding around more freely. The exercises are, an active lat stretch, a scapula pull up, a scapula dip, a scapula push up, a scapula row, and an overhead scapula push up.

Each exercise is done for 10 reps as a circuit. As you get stronger, repeat the circuit a second time. And then move up to a third time. From here, you can do the workout occasionally as a maintenance program!

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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