Benjamyn Smith getting up from the floor

Getting Up Off The Floor – 4 Techniques So You Can Stand Up

Getting up off the floor poses a problem for many people. This shouldn’t be the case though. Here are 4 techniques you can practice to make this movement no problem at all.

Getting Up Off the Floor

In this video, I’ll show you how to get up from the floor. All but one of these techniques can be done without using your hands. There are several options here so you can pick the one that works the best for you now and work to improve the others.

The Techniques

The first method I’ll share is the cross sit get up. First, you shift your weight from your sit bones to the sides of your feet. You can put your arms out in front of you to help balance and make the shift easier. Then once your feet are weighted, start to push down against the floor with your feet to drive your hips off the floor. From there just keep pushing until you’re all the way standing.

The second method is the tripod transition get up. In this technique, you’re first going to place one hand out to the side as a point of support. Then put your outside foot flat on the ground as the other point of support. Now lift your inside leg off the ground and extend it behind you. This will cause your hips to roll over so you can transition to all fours. Finally walk your hands in, put your feet flat on the ground and stand up.

The third technique is the split squat get up. Start kneeling. Now lean forward and weight your knees so you can get your toes underneath you. Next, extend your hips so you come to a high kneeling position. Then bring one foot forward to a split squat. From here just stand up.

Lastly, we’re going to get up from a squat position. This starts the same way as the previous technique. Once you’re kneeling on your toes, you’re going to shift your weight backward so that your knees come up off the ground and you’re in a deep kneeling position. Then slowly continue to shift your weight backward until your heels are on the ground. Then stand up. This is usually the movement people have the most trouble with.

There ya go! Find the one that works the best for you and keep working on the others. These are all really handy skills and should be as easy as breathing!

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