how to improve your quality of life

6 Tips – How to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Let’s talk about how to improve the quality of your life. I’m going to share 6 tips that I use to help make my life better every day. These are little things, but when applied regularly they help you be more productive and be happier.

How To Improve The Quality of Your Life

1. Don’t check your phone first thing in the morning

This is probably the worst way I can think of to start your day and it’s stupid easy to do. Our phones do almost everything now. I bet it’s what you use for an alarm clock right? Put all that stuff that is going to bombard you all day off for just a little bit. Organize your day before it assaults you.

2. Make your morning your time

Give yourself some time in the morning to wake up to the day. Meditate, workout, or have a cup of coffee. Get in a good headspace before you try and get things done. While you’re busy surviving it’s important not to forget to live a little. Leave your phone in airplane mode until it’s time to kick off your day.

3. Minimize social media time

Gone are the days where social media was about connecting with your friends. Now it’s about keeping you scrolling as long as possible so all the networks can show you as many ads as possible. Your feed is literally designed so you’ll binge for hours. Try setting a timer before you start scrolling and then stop when it goes off.

4. Get plenty of movement

Our modern lifestyle does a terrible job of stimulating our bodies in a healthy way. Flat, level sidewalks and ergonomic chairs don’t stress us physically the way we require. Make sure to get a variety of movement throughout the day and not just for 30-60 minutes during a workout. Your body will thank you.

5. Keep your to-do list light

Impossible right!? Not really. We all have to-do lists that are… extensive. But we all know that’s not all getting done today. Pick a handful of things that really need to get done. Do these. If you get other stuff done, then it’s bonus, but don’t stress it. Giving yourself permission to be done for today will really help you relax at the end of the day.

6. Don’t watch too much TV before bed

TV is highly stimulating. The stories and visuals are designed to build emotional peaks and valleys. It’s not really relaxing. TVs also emit a ton of blue light, which interferes with our melatonin production. Without proper melatonin production, we won’t get enough good quality sleep. Try a book or stretching instead.
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