Dog Sitting On Cushion

The Benefit of Having A Dog – What I Learned Last Week

I spent the past several days watching some friends’ dogs while they were out of town. I’ve always wanted a dog, but I like to be able to pick up whenever I feel like it. Doesn’t mesh with a dog well, so I don’t have one. But I do borrow dogs occasionally. They can give more than just love and companionship!

Another Benefit of Having A Dog

So, what can you get from a dog beside love and companionship? How about a lot more movement! When you have a dog around you’re probably going to take them out first thing in the morning. Now I live in a fourth-floor apartment, so there’s no just throwing the back door open so the dogs can go out.

So what I did was get up earlier than usual and go for a long walk with ’em. Over the few days I looked after the dogs I walked several more miles a day. But I also got up earlier so I got more done. So I got more movement and was more productive. Thanks, pups!

Do any of you get more than love and companionship from your dogs?

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