What Is A Goal Really? Your Own Line In The Sand

I’ve been thinking about goals a lot recently. Not just about what my goals are, but also what a goal actually is. Yesterday when I was walking out to my truck, it suddenly dawned on me. A goal is a line in the sand!

Your Line In The Sand

What do I mean by a goal is a line in the sand? By setting a goal, you are creating a boundary for yourself. However, you’re setting the boundary with the intention of going beyond it.

So by first creating a limit for yourself, you create a direction. Without that direction the possibilities are endless and you can’t focus. Imagine buying 100 acres of field. No trees, no house, no roads, and it’s basically flat land. Now you have to decide where to put things.

Sure, you could just stick things here and there and it might work. You’ll probably be happy with it for a while. But eventually, you’re likely to look back and think to yourself, “what was I thinking?”

To create that space the way you want it, you first have to divide it up into individual spaces and deal with each part one at a time. You have to create boundaries and borders. This gives you a framework to build within.

A goal does exactly the same thing! Before you create a goal, anything is possible and it all seems impossible. But as soon as you create a goal, it now seems more achievable. If the goal is realistic and your dedication to it attentive enough it’s not just possible, it’s inevitable.

I know this was a deep, almost random post, but I was really excited about this little revelation so I thought I’d share! Lemme know what you think!


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